Love Me Anyways

Video Credit to jam sison

It was a good day for the young reporter. Quiet, peaceful, the newsroom was filled with typing keys and scribbling pens. Until her phone buzzed, and she saw a text message from a number she recognized all too well.

She picked up her phone, choosing to call the number as opposed to texting back. She quickly left her desk as her phone dialed the number, moving to a secluded part of the workroom.


“What the hell are you doing? You know I’m working!”

“Sorry, looks like your Valentine’s present has arrived! I’d give you maybe three minutes to get here before things get nasty.”

She rolled her eyes and muttered curses under her breath as she raced to her car. Her partner certainly had an interesting way of expressing their love. Then again, this is probably what she deserved for dating a wanted criminal. Not only that, but a wanted criminal her alter ego was supposed to bring to justice.

Her car was cramped, and trying to remove her sweater and jeans to reveal the uniform the public realized as the hero they all looked up to was difficult to say the least. She pulled a mask over her eyes and nose, tucking her hair under a red wig as she parked her car close to an abandoned building.

Laughter and shouting echoed from the upper levels as she raced to find her partner and put an end to the scheme they had planned for that day. Someone cried out for help, making her eyes widen as she picked up her pace, sprinting up the stairs.

She reached the room at the top of the stairs and froze. Her partner stood with their back to her, holding someone she couldn’t quite make out over a gaping hole in the floor.

“Deviant! Put the hostage down, nothing has to come of this.”

They turned towards the doorway, smiling softly and placing the hostage on the floor.

“Good of you to join me darling. I was worried I gave you too little time.”

“Let the hostage go, we can talk.”

“Hostage?” the body on the floor spoke up, lifting their head to reveal a familiar male face. “I hardly think I’m a hostage. Just helping you get away from your desk.”

She sighed and leaned against the door frame. The mayor sat on the floor, grinning at the both of them. The three had been close friends when they were young, and now it seemed the mayor was always willing to have a bomb strapped to him or be kidnapped in order to force the journalist away from her desk and to her partner.

“Yes, thank you dear friend. I do hope you’ll make this one dramatic for the public. I have an image to uphold.”

The mayor grinned and stood up, nodding to the pair before leaving. Sirens could be heard outside, and the pair stood there in silence for a moment.

“So, Valentine’s lunch?”

“Now? With the police outside?”

“Romantic, no?” They grinned and moved closer to her. “Alright, dinner it is. I’ll have it ready for you when you come home.”

“I never said-“

“I know darling. Just meet me later.” They pecked her cheek and left, climbing out the window away from the sirens.

She groaned and nodded to herself, moving to follow them out.

“Wait!” They stopped and looked at her. She pressed her lips onto theirs, smiling as she pulled away. “See you at home.”

“Goodbye my love.”

When she returned home that night, there was indeed dinner waiting for her. A candlelit dinner table filled with her favourite foods, as well as a small gift box sitting on the centre of the table.

Her partner sat across from her, smiling as she set down her bag and joined them at the table.

“So, get a good story for tomorrow?”

“Oh yes. The kidnapping of the mayor is sure to give me front page status again.”

“See? It always works out in the end no?”

She sighed as they began to eat, gazing at the small gift before answering the question.

“To an extent. I still always fear you getting caught.”

“I used to do this before I met you, and I’ll continue until I am forced to stop. It’s just who I am love.”

“I know, that’s why I don’t stop you trying.” she said, a soft smile gracing her face.

They raised a wine glass, gesturing for her to do the same. She did, and the glasses made a faint clinking sound as they tapped together.

“Happy Valentine’s Day love.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

The dinner continued in relative silence, the pair far too tired from the day to talk much. Once they were finished and their plates were cleared, the pair moved to their bed and lay in a tangled mess. Occasionally, one would press their lips to the others and then go back to resting again.

“What was the present on the table?” she asked softly, and they shifted to pull the box from their pocket.

“Open it then darling. If you’re so curious.”

She quickly pulled off the ribbon adorning the top and tore through the carefully wrapped paper. A small box landed in her hand, which she gently opened.

Inside sat a ring. Gold, adorned with diamonds, and it looked small enough to fit her fingers.

“I…it’s beautiful.” she looked up to her partner who was beaming at her. “But, I don’t understand.”

“I want to make a promise to you. I want you to know that I will be by your side, I won’t take things overboard. I want to be able to come home every night and see your face, sleep next to you, wake up to you. I want to be your support in every situation.” They paused, taking a deep breath. “I want you to marry me.”

Her eyes widened as she looked at them, then back at the ring.

“Are you sure? I mean, what will people say if they ever find out? You, the most wanted criminal, and me the masked vigilante taking you down. It shouldn’t work, people won’t want it to work.”

“We’ll make it work. Please, I love you darling…marry me?”

She bit her lip, her mind spinning with possibility, wonder, amazement, fear. Until she finally decided on an answer.

“I love you too,” she paused to take a shuddering breath, “yes.”


Photo credit to EH

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