Find The Middle Ground

Credit to Smyang Piano on YouTube

The two stood on opposite ends of the battlefield. As they stared at each other, both sheathed their weapons and walked across the body-ridden landscape. Their armies clashed around them, but neither seemed to care. These soldiers had chosen to fight for them, and they knew they may die for them as well.

They moved closer through the waging onslaught, until mere metres separated them. Over the clashing of weapons, the explosions and cries of soldiers, they began to speak to each other.

“Remove your helm.” the taller of the two spoke, swathed in a dark green cloak.

“I would never, not for the likes of you.” spat the smaller, their soft blue cape swirling around them.

“I ask it of you.”

“You may not ask anything of me! I did everything for you and look at where we are.”


“Enough! Why have you come to this land?” Their voice was tight, straining to maintain control.

“I had to see you.”

“Then come by yourself!”

“You wouldn’t see me.”

“For good reason, you’ve brought your people here, they’re killing my people! You’ve slaughtered innocents, all to get here. To talk to me.”

“Impressed yet?”

“I never wanted this. You know that. I wanted you, only you.”

“You could have had me.”

“Not like this! Not when your only way is violence.”

“I was never violent to you.”

“But you were to others, I watched you. You tortured, you killed-“

“I did it all to protect you.”

“Protect me from what? You? Others? I was fine, until you decided I needed protection suddenly. I’m a capable warrior, and you know that.”

“I am well aware, one of the best of your kin, as I am the best of mine. It was what drew me to you.”

“I was nothing to you, admit it. I’m sure you’ve seen hundreds of me in your lifetime, and I was just another-“

“Don’t you dare presume to know anything about me. I have shown you nothing but kindness, yet you repay me with this dark tone and shame.”

“You don’t show me anything else. You told me that you don’t even feel anything else! What else am I to presume?”

“Presume nothing, you already know the truth!”

“What truth, I already know you. I’ve seen who you are, what you’ve done. I ask you once more, why did you come here?”

“Because I loved you!”

The words shook the battlefield, a power rushed from the taller which pushed apart all battling soldiers, separating the armies to face their opposing commanders. The taller raised their fist, and all the soldiers sheathed their weapons, standing to attention. The smaller did the same, as the pair moved closer to each other.

“I loved you, I still do. But I know now my love was in vain. My people will leave now, please do not come searching for us.” The taller turned to their troops and made preparations to withdraw.

“Wait!” The taller turned back, as the shorter removed their helm, long blonde hair falling down over the blue cape. “You never let me speak you know that?”

The taller blinked and turned once more, facing the shorter who was glaring at them.

“I loved you too you know that? I spent weeks mourning you, thinking you were dead when you had just left because you were afraid of your emotions. I felt abandoned again. I was hurt, I was afraid. You broke me.” Their voice cracked, as tears began to fill their eyes and memories flooded back to them. “I wanted to see you so badly. To have you hold me, to wake up in your arms just once more. I cared for you, and I know deep down you cared for me. So for once just be honest with me. Do you still love me?”

A long silence filled the field, troops stood with bated breath, wondering if they had to go back to battle.

“Yes, of course. I will always love you Eilise.” The words left their mouth softer than a whisper,

“I love you as well Ruvaen.”

The pair rushed to each other, Ruvaen picking up the smaller Eilise in an embrace as the smaller pressed their lips together, sealing the confirmation of their emotions.

Ruvaen held the smaller close as they sunk to their knees, the troops around them moving to retreat as their respective commanders knelt in the field, wrapped in each other’s embrace with their lips pressed together.


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