Moonlight’s Song

Soft floating tunes
Fall through the night air,
Landing in the sand dunes
And across the woman’s hair.

The slow, deep melody
Travels far and near,
The man with dark enemies
Cowering in fear.

The small bright dynamics,
Bounding across the sky
To a child’s young, erratic
Mind which dreams so high.

He is on the bright lit orb
Creator of the song,
Mother standing on the shore
Father so far gone.

He sends his song out far and wide
For all the world to hear
So hope and peace be at his side
And prayers will keep him near.

As father’s enemies come close
And mother sees the waves crest,
He prays the song that he composed
Will put his world at rest.

The moon’s song begins to leave,
As his parents both fall to their knees.


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