Stand By Me

The two girls had known each other for years. Since they were in middle school to be precise, and when Evelyn met Anna it was meant to be. They had similar interests, they were young and just wild. Both spent plenty of time with the other’s families. Soon enough the girls were like sisters, closer than sisters.

But as they grew things changed. More precisely their feelings changed. They no longer felt like siblings, but more as partners. They spent their highschool years questioning, dating, flirting. Not with each other but with many different boys and girls in the school. 

No one felt right for either of them, and it took them another good year to realize the truth. After a long night of truth or dare with their friends and several cups of alcohol, someone dared Evelyn to kiss Anna.

The tension in the room had been building throughout the night and that point broke it all for the both of them. As soon as their lips touched everything felt right, it felt like that missing piece was put in place.

After the kiss, both girls sat next to each other awkwardly. Both wondered if the other felt the same way, and once their friends had fallen asleep Evelyn moved closer to the smaller girl.

“Did you like that whole…like….like the kiss thing?”

“Yeah…I did actually.” Anna mumbled, and Evelyn put her fingers under the smaller girl’s chin and lifted it so they were looking into each other’s eyes. 

They moved without thinking, Evelyn’s lips immediately pressing against Anna’s. The taller girl nearly devoured the smaller, both of them out of breath and desperate once it ended.

“Anna, what are we?”

“I don’t know Evelyn…”

*        *        *

A month later the two were dating, and things were going well. Until someone noticed, and then so did someone else. Word spread around the school, whispers and looks down each hallway. Anna was scared, she had always been told that being gay was a sin. Her parents were strong Catholics, the type who believed that love between anyone except a man and a woman was unholy.

Evelyn on the other hand, did not believe anything was wrong in loving who she loved. However she did not appreciate the attention she received just for the hatred and slang being thrown at her and her precious Anna. Some people in the school were kind, some silently said apologies for their classmates’ behaviour, and others would bring them into their group of friends so they were not alone in the hallways of the school.

However, as time went on and people refused to stop, Evelyn had enough. After a particularly long session of insults down the hallway, she grabbed Anna’s wrist and marched the smaller girl down to the main forum with her. 

“Hello everyone, I would like your attention!” Evelyn shouted at the stream of students, many of them stopping when they heard her voice. “As people like to comment on, yes I’m fucking gay. If any of you fuckers out there have a problem with that then take it up with me now. Otherwise I suggest you leave my girlfriend and I out of your everyday tortures so we can live in just as much peace as you do.”

Anna stood there in shock, watching as a group of people approached Evelyn. She moved forward and grabbed the taller girl’s arm, tugging on it desperately to pull her away from the confrontation.

“You corrupted her Evelyn, you and your sick ways. I’m sure we can fix her, make her think straight again.”

The small girl pushed forward and stood in front of her girlfriend, glaring at the students who had spoken. “Fuck off.”

*        *        *

School became very stressful to the girls, especially for Anna due to the constant threats from students to out her to her family.

Evelyn knew her parents wouldn’t care, her brother had come out as transgender years earlier and he brought home plenty of boys. But even she worried for Anna, she knew how strict they were, and didn’t need her girlfriend facing worse torment at home.

The girls were laying on Evelyn’s bed, Anna’s head resting on her girlfriend’s chest as she listened to the steady heartbeat that echoed in her ear. She clung tightly to Evelyn and exhaled slowly.

“I need to tell them. They need to hear it from me.”

“Only if you’re sure baby girl.”

“I’m sure. It’s terrifying, but if this stays hidden it’ll come out a lot worse later on.” 

Evelyn held the smaller girl closer to her as she began to shake from the fear building up inside of her. Small gasps and sobs escaped her lips as the girls clung to each other unsure of what the future held for them.

*        *        *

A few days later the girls called their parents together. The two girls sat together on the couch, hands clasped together as they tried to calm their nerves. Both were shaking and breathing heavily as they looked at the four adults before them. Anna was close to tears as her parents looked on with disappointment and anger. Evelyn’s parents appeared confused and worried.

The taller inhaled sharply, her hands clammy and her pupils dilated as she finally spoke.

“Mom…Dad…I’m a lesbian.”

Her parents smiled and nodded to each other. “We know darling, we’ve known for a while.”

“I’m also a lesbian.” Anna blurted out, clinging to Evelyn’s arm as she looked on in fear.

Her parents rose and then walked towards the door. She broke down into desperate cries, and Evelyn held her tightly as she glared at the parents leaving the house. 

“I love her! And I will protect her even if you won’t!” she shouted, and they turned back around to look at the taller girl.

“Both of you will burn in hell-“

“I suggest you either change your language or leave, because I will not tolerate you and your discrimination against my daughter or your own daughter. She may not be what you expected but she is still the child you gave birth to, and she is clearly struggling. So please leave without a word or come and comfort your flesh and blood.” Evelyn’s mother said, standing proudly in front of her daughter and the cowering Anna.

With that Anna’s parents walked out the door, and the smaller girl broke down again. This time however, she was not only in the embrace of her partner, but her partner’s family who all whispered soft and gentle reassurances to her to make her feel safe once more.

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