Be With Me Forever

The boys never tried to hide their relationship. The moment Derek had asked out young Samuel they had not once denied how close and intimate they were. Besides they weren’t discreet. 

Samuel was a dancer, and often needed to be picked up from late practices. Each night Derek was there to drive him home in his truck, which often held a small take-out meal for the younger boy. The elder was concerned with Samuel’s constant lack of eating due to both forgetfulness and dieting. 

His small frame and constant need for attention often led to Derek giving him piggyback rides down the school hallways and long makeout sessions in the locker rooms before and after practices.

Derek on the other hand was a football jock. He was tall and buff, and protective. Often times he seemed rowdy and rough, but Samuel brought out his soft side. After his football practices, Samuel would run down from the bleachers and leap at him, often times going straight for a kiss before letting the older boy shower and clean up before their plans for that night.

The least discreet couple in the school, and their first year anniversary was approaching. Derek was not normally one to pull off something big and formal, and he didn’t plan to break tradition for this. However, he knew how Samuel felt about their relationship and knew he needed to impress.

Many of Samuel’s fellow dancers had flocked to Derek asking what his plans were for their young prodigy. However, he refused to tell them anything and instead said that Samuel would just have to wait and be surprised.

The day of their one year anniversary arrived and Samuel was waiting patiently outside of his house to be picked up for school. Right on schedule, Derek’s truck rolled into the driveway and he ran out of the house. He threw his bag into the back seat, earning a prompted “careful” from Derek, before climbing into the front and pressing a kiss to his boyfriend’s lips.

“Happy anniversary.”

“Happy anniversary to you too babe.”

Samuel grinned and sat down in his seat, pulling the seatbelt across his body before noticing Derek holding a small bag for him. He pulled it into his lap and opened it cautiously, finding his favourite Starbucks order along with a packed lunch and Derek’s own home-baked brownies.

“Thank you Derek, I needed this today.”

The older boy sighed as he reversed out of the driveway. “Let me guess, didn’t eat breakfast and forgot a lunch. Baby boy you need to eat you have dance practice today.”

Samuel blushed at the nickname, gazing into the bag and pulling out the drink. “Sorry…”

“Don’t apologize it’s ok. Just promise me you’ll eat the lunch. I have something special for you after practice tonight so I need you energized.”

Samuel quickly agreed and quietly sipped on his drink for the rest of the drive to school. His gift for Derek was tucked safely in his backpack, and he wondered when it would be a good time to give it to the elder.

They arrived at school and Derek pecked the smaller boy’s lips before climbing out of the truck and getting both of their backpacks from the back seat. Samuel followed him and took his bag from the taller, giving him a brief kiss on his cheek before waving goodbye and going to find his friends.

*        *        *

The school day went by quickly, the boys spent lunch together with their friends, and both received many small congratulations on their year together from friends and classmates. It was a good day for them, a relaxing day. Samuel felt a little bad seeing as he hadn’t planned anything super special, but Derek had specifically ordered him not to.

He managed to make it through his dance practice after school without stressing too much, and when Derek picked him up he felt like flying. He raced out of the building into Derek’s outstretched arms, the older boy spinning him around and kissing him multiple times before asking him to get into the truck. 

They drove off into the evening sunset, and Samuel kept bouncing his knee up and down in anticipation. Derek placed his hand on the smaller boy’s inner thigh and slowly rubbed his thumb back and forth. 

“Relax baby boy, I promise it’s nothing huge.”

The truck pulled into Derek’s driveway and they both climbed out, Derek walking Samuel to the door before allowing them inside. The lights were mostly dimmed, except for the kitchen and dining room.

Samuel slowly walked through the house, the smell of food hitting him like a truck. His stomach growled and Derek chuckled as he came up behind the smaller boy and back-hugged him, guiding him to the dining room which was lit by small scented candles.

“Stay here I’ll be right back.”

Samuel sat down and waited, watching the doorway until Derek reappeared. This time he held a dish filled with a fresh pasta bake, one of Samuel’s favourite dishes. 

“I asked your mom how to make it, been practicing for a while. Hope I got it right this time.”

The smaller boy’s eyes widened and his smile reached the end of his cheeks. He stood up once Derek put the food down and flung himself at the taller boy.

“Thank you so much, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

*        *        *

After dinner, the boys sat on the couch cuddling and joking with each other. Until Samuel sat up and bolted for his bag.

“I forgot your present!” he yelled as he ran, making his way back to Derek with his hands behind his back.

He stood in front of Derek and held out a small gift bag wrapped with a bow. The older boy slowly untied the bow and opened the bag, a small box awaiting him. He opened it cautiously and found a matching pair of rings with a chain attached to each of them.

“They’re promise rings. I know it’s a bit early, but I still know now that I want to spend my life with you Derek.”

The older boy pressed a kiss to his lips and pulled out the ring for him. He slid the chain around his neck and let the ring fall over his heart.

“It’s ok baby boy. They’re beautiful, thank you so much.”

He pulled the smaller boy onto his lap, kissing him softly and holding him like the treasure he was. When they pulled apart both boys were gasping for air.

“I’ll give you the second half of my gift in bed later baby boy.” Derek muttered in Samuel’s ear, who giggled and hugged the taller before going back to the soft kisses once more. It was indeed a truly happy anniversary for the both of them.


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