Coming to Terms with Yourself

Why do we expect ourselves to know ourselves on a constant basis?

In our world, from a young age, we are expected to acknowledge who we are and then conform to this static image that has been built for us from other people’s perceptions of what we should be. However, this is rarely the case, and slowly we as a society are becoming more and more lost in the ideas of who we could be.

For myself, coming to terms with the fact that I did not fit into the image created for me was a difficult thing to accept, and it is something I still struggle with to this day.

Opening up to people, even my close friends, created such stress and pressure within myself to give a set word or phrase, so that once again people could put an image with me in order to identify what they thought I should be.

The past year has been rather eye opening, as I have delved more into myself and began to accept who I am and not force myself to fit into other people’s image of who they think I should be.

Coming to terms with yourself is one of the oddest and challenging things to go through, but it leads to discoveries you never presumed possible. Communities, people, friendships and opportunities that create a new sense of home and belonging. Something which allows you to breath again and let you rest.

I will admit I am still not totally set on how I feel or identify, but I do know that in my mind, I’ve achieved something. Even if it’s the smallest to someone, it will be the biggest to me.


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