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The Fire

The three of them moved to the bed, clutching to each other. Kailee began to cry, the smell of the heavy smoke and the sound of flames licking up walls to reach them couldn’t be drowned out. Even as her mother tried to sing her a lullaby, and her father continued to wave fresh air into the room.

Where it Begins

The air was damp and cool as Awyn moved through the meadow. Like many other mornings, he paused by the river to take a moment to breathe and let the negative energies wash away with the current. He rose from the riverside, before moving on to pick fresh herbs and plants for the day. As … Continue reading Where it Begins

Young and Hungry

The wind was cool in the night as the mist around the lake clung to her cloak. Her breath came out as a fog, and the dirt rustled under her bare feet. The lake was a mysterious place at night, said to bring one to their most powerful state if they were ready. She believed … Continue reading Young and Hungry


What inspires your writing?
A lot of my experiences in everyday life, as well as other peoples’ stories that I get to hear throughout the day.

How did you start writing?
I started writing from a young age, mostly for class projects to try and make my teacher or peers laugh and want more.

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